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Sonny Bono

On December 31, 1997, Michael Kennedy suddenly died when he hit a tree skiing in Aspen Colorado. Days later, Sonny Bono died of injuries after allegedly striking a tree while skiing on the Nevada side of the Heavenly Ski Resort near South Lake Tahoe, California. It was widely reported that Kennedy died in a similar skiing accident in Aspen, Colorado, yet the difference was ignored. One death was publicly witnessed, the other was not. In fact, Bono, an experienced skiier, was ambushed on the slopes by hired hitmen who beat him to death and then staged a tree collision. Why?

When Sonny Bono was murdered, his widow, Mary, was elected to fill the remainder of the Congressional term. After Sonny's death, Mary told an interviewer from TV Guide that Sonny was addicted to and seriously abusing prescription drugs, mainly Vicodin and Valium. Even though Mary claimed that Sonny's drug use caused the accident, the autopsy showed no narcotics and only a very small amount of Valium, not enough to cause impairment according to the Washoe County Coroner's report.

The method of death tells you a great deal about the profile of the murderers, and in Sonny Bono's case, the facts are very clear and obvious. Michael Kennedy's death emphasized the danger and the possibility of death on the ski slopes and provided Bono's assassins the opportunity to feel secure about getting away with a staged, ski accident. Nobody questioned the death of Michael Kennedy because it was clearly an accident, and Bono's Assassins, who are as crafty and as beguiling as the people who are responsible for this live in a world where politics and hatred for the Kennedy family defines every single move they make.

These people and their supporters who have managed to evade prosecution for all the political assassinations of the 1960's are so predictable, that their plans unfold with clockwork (perverse) efficiency. In the eyes of the people who are responsible for the anti-Clinton Inquisition, Sonny Bono was as reckles and as irresponsible as Michael Kennedy was when he died playing football on skis, and they would never miss the opportunity to exploit the death of a Kennedy.

According to former FBI agent, Ted Gunderson, there's more to the tragedy than meets the eye, after studying the autopsy reports and other evidence. He says, "It's nonsense for anyone to now try to suggest that Bono died after crashing into a tree. There's zero evidence in this autopsy report... to show such an accident happened. Instead, there's powerful proof he (Bono) was assassinated." Ted Gunderson is absolutely right about the autopsy reports, but he has misrepresented the motivation behind the murder of Sonny Bono.

Sonny Bono was murdered because he did not support the Clinton impeachment and if he was alive during the Congressional Hearings he would have behaved as though he were once again doing one of his television shows, (which is the seriousness the hearings deserved) instead of participating in what the Republicans called serious business. Sonny Bono was hardly buried before his widow was groomed to spearhead the anti-Clinton Inquisition, and anybody who doubts his murder is rather naive.

Indeed, to clearly understand the fact that Sonny Bono was a victim of the anti-Clinton Inquisition, read about how Julie Hiatt Steele and Jim McDougall were treated. CASE CLOSED.

In conclusion, Sonny Bono was the Republican, hippie Congressman who suffered a Kennedy death: He hit a tree while skiing. Cute, huh? Assassins are as predictable as the words they plant in the mouths of the deceased (or in the mouths of their proxies).

After Sonny Bono died, his wife, Mary Bono, was groomed to be the voice of the effort to impeach the President of the United States. Sonny Bono would have died laughing during impeachment hearings that sought to turn a private, sexual matter into a hanging offense.

Similarily, Senator Alphonse D'amato exploited the suicide/murder of Deputy White House Counsel, Vincent Foster on the floor of the Senate, when, on the one hand, he said that the purpose of the Whitewater Hearings was to clear the Clinton's of wrongdoing, and on the other, he exploited the death of Vincent Foster in the following terms:

"Let's turn to how Whitewater fits into Vincent Foster's story. Although now is not the time to develop the full Whitewater picture, which will be the subject of future Senate Hearings, we now know that Vincent Foster played an important role in advising the Clinton's about Whitewater. In March, 1992, during the presidential campaign, stories first appeared in the national press, raising serious questions about the Clinton's investment in the Whitewater real estate development. The press reported that the Clinton's owned 50% of Whitewater, but that most of their financial loses were covered for them by their partner Jim McDougal, who also ran the Madison Guarantee Savings & Loan. The press raised questions about whether then Governor Clinton gave preferrential treatment to McDougal's savings & loan. The Clinton campaign responded to these news stories. Vincent Foster, along with others whose testimony you will hear in the coming days, helped gather Whitewater related documents. Mr. Foster helped to prepare the campaigns response to press inquiries...Vincent Foster's involvment with Whitewater did not end with the campaign, it followed him right into the White House. At the end of 1992, the Clintons decided to end their investment in Whitewater. Mr. Foster assisted the Clintons in selling their Whitewater investment to James McDougal. Once Vincent Foster became Deputy White House Counsel, he devoted energy and effort to advising the President and the First lady about how to deal with Whitewater transactions on their 1992 tax returns and mandatory public financial disclosure statements. Vincent Foster spent a lot of time, working on the personal, financial matters for the Clintons. More was at stake in Whitewater, than simple, routine, tax preperations. Mr. Foster was confronted with some of the difficult and tangled legal and factual questions, that lay at the heart of Whitewater. As you will learn, during these hearings, at the time of his death, there was a large number of documents in Vince Foster's office relating to Whitewater and the Clinton's personal finances. Between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm. on July 20th, 1993, Vincent Foster was discovered in Fort Marsey Park, in Virginia. After 8:30 pm. that same night, White House officials first bagan to receive word of Vincent Foster's death. As of 9:15 that night, the White House Counsel's office was empty. In keeping with routine, normal security procedures, the office's door was locked and the alarm was set. What happened in the office of Vincent Foster in the following hours and days will be the subject of these hearings. Because of Vincent Foster's high office and important responsibility, the implications of his suicide reach beyond personal and private tragedy of his family and friends. There is both a national interest and a law enforcement interest in examining why Vincent Foster took his life. The facts that I just outlined are not in dispute. But many of the events that took place at the White House after Vincent Foster's death are in dispute, and sometimes these facts are in sharp conflict."

This rant by Republican Senator, Alphonse D'Amato, betrayed the intent behind all the bizarre conspiracy theories about Whitewater. Clearly, as long as Vincent Foster was alive, it was not necessary to "untangle" anything about Whitewater because Deputy White House Counsel, Vincent Foster, had everything under control. As long as Vincent Foster supported the President of the United States, Partisan Snipers like Senator D'Amato were denied the opportunity to mangle the facts.

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