Greatest Media
Gotcha Back !
Greatest Truth
Certainly not fiction.
Greatest Report
Logic will correct our misconceptions
Greatest History Lesson
Sadly, it is repeating again.
Biggest Witch Hunt
You're looking at it.
Geatest Man
An icon by destiny.
Greatest Woman
An icon by destiny.
Firing James Comey
A job well done.
It's not what you think.
Greatest Poll
Sigmund Freud versus Carl Jung.
Greatest Villain
Escaping Justice
Biggest Scapegoat
Exploiting the vulnerable.
The Liar
Compromising American Democracy.
Lee Harvey Oswald
Just Another Patsy.
Truth and Liberty
Spinoza advocated Freedom and Democracy.
Greatest Politician
A national monument.
Greatest Coincidence
This should make you a believer.
Greatest Tea Party
Sarah Palin was not invited.
Amazing illusion
This will surprise and entertain.
The Dumbest Bank Robber
True but very difficult to believe.
Greatest Villain
American injustice.
Greatest Search Engine
Much Better than Google.